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Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Rant or not to Rant

It is time for some verbal diarrhea. My life is so stressful. First, I don't want to move to Boston, but unless I want to be homeless, I'll have to move. Forget about my new house that was just bought a year ago. It's like a curse, I can't stay in one place for four years. I'm hoping, desperately hoping that a job will magically be found before April 1st. Ironic, isn't it? April Fool's Day. How I wish this was a trick. But it's not. And to make it worse, the amount of things I have to do, the amount of stupid projects I must complete are never-ending. I am sick of this. It looks like unemployment is quite the reality.

I don't understand why all this has to happen. Why nothing can go right, ever.

Is it just life?

Is there really a god out there, looking out for us?

Or is that just what we hope. What would we know about god, anyway? How would we be able to tell so many things about God, when we don't even know for sure the lies from the truths? How can we pretend to know god, when there are so many unsolved mysteries in real life, not just after death?

We pretend to know more than we do. Cue the agnostic thoughts.

Sometimes it seems like we are all just mistakes.

Maybe, the human being was just a mutant.

Look how we destroy our world.

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