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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Egos Irk Me

If there is one thing I can hate about a person, it is their ego. Usually, I don't have this problem with girls, mostly guys. Tell me --why do you want to have a big head? Why must you be praised? The egos are so suffocating, and it is irritating to deal with. At least once a day, I'm talked to in a patronizing way, by someone who thinks that they're better than me, smarter than me, and cooler than me. At least once a day, I am forced to talk to someone who thinks the world is at their feet, and they're the ruler. And I'm sure it is like this for many. So for all of you out there who think that these egotistical people are the banes of our existence, I'm right there with you, shouting for my peace of mind.

~Banana Win

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