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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Road Trips

I just recently came home from a five hour long road trip, and I decided to post. About road trips. If there are three things I absolutely loathe about road trips they would be:

1. The GPS
2. The radio, and
3. The car

Let me explain. The GPS is one of the most useful and most annoying things man has ever created. Sure, it will give us directions, but it could be so annoying! Why? Because it will always recalculate. How many times did the GPS recalculate while I was driving to and from Massachusetts? Too many times to count. If I have to hear that GPS recalculate one more time, I will go insane.

Next, the radio. You will not believe how much B.S. is played on it! While driving through upstate N.Y., I finally realized just how bad the stations were up there. If I didn't switch to an advertisement, then there would be some terribly unknown country song, or worse, a bland talk show. It's bad when you hear a song that goes as such: "Once you start, you can't stop, till you eat all the chocolate in my chocolate shop...I'm the chocolate man, I'm the chocolate man!" That particular song actually amused me, but nonetheless, it allowed a very confused and bemused look to appear on my face. I learned later that the song was called "Chocolate Man," by Guy Davis.

That man must have something wrong with him.

Anyway, that isn't the only weird song either, just the one that was the weirdest.

Therefore the radio on a road trip can be the enemy.

And lastly the car. You may be thinking: the car is getting you places, why would you loathe it? Let me be more specific: the car seat. Still don't get it? The car seat is one of the most uncomfortable places to be in for five hours. Let me tell you, your bottom hurts after sitting for so long.  Not to mention, it is not exactly one of the more comfortable places to fall asleep, read, write--or do anything for that matter.

So how was my five hour road trip? (Mind you, this was to and from, equalling a total of ten hours). It was terrible, and oddly amusing.

But it was a road trip after all.

~Banana Win