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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hating Valentine's Day

This year it seems as though I am destined to hate Valentine's Day [again]. Don't you just love it when the person you like hates you? Cue the sarcasm. Well I've never been the 'girl-y' "O-M-G I TOTALLY L-U-V HIM!" So, maybe, you can understand. Here are all the reasons why I hate Valentine's Day.

#1. The love. Or shall I say the fake love. There is an unneeded amount of wasted paper going towards flimsy red hearts with curvy handwriting proclaiming their love. The more I think about it, how many people who truly love each other give their respective others flimsy construction paper valentines? Not many I should think. Maybe, the more sentimental card, with a greater meaning would make more sense. But all the "HEY, HE GOT 100 VALENTINES, HE'S SUCH A HEART BREAKER!" business has got to stop. It irks me beyond belief.

#2. The movies. I do not want to see a cliched Romantic Comedy. I do not want to see an original Romantic Comedy. I don't want to see a romance. Period. Is it wrong to want to see an action packed film? But instead, my television is clogged up with an innumerable amount of advertisements for romantic movies. Completely unneeded. Not to mention, even some of the good TV channels are filled with romantic movies! Spare me! I do not wish to see "Enchanted!"

#3. The spirit of Valentine's Day. Oftentimes, Valentine's Day etiquette dictates that we should wish someone else Happy Valentine's Day, if that person wishes you. No thank you! Everyone seems to expect this is the one day where you'll be off in la-la land, thinking of some elementary crush with a dreamy look in your eyes. Everyone seems to expect a chocolate from you. Everyone seems to expect an annoying heart-shaped candy that has irritating sayings on it. Thank god I don't hang out with the "in" crowd. I would never survive amongst the pink-dyed hair, and millions of hearts.

#4. The lonely hearts. I don't like being the person who likes someone and is left out of the crowd. Thankfully, I haven't ever had to be that person yet. But I know this Valentine's Day, it will be like that. And I loathe that. I don't believe in Valentine's Day for Pete's Sake! And then watching the multitudes of people either moping about their impossible loves (i.e. Justin Bieber--EW), or stupidly hoping. Please, it will never happen. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. Think realistically please.

#5. Proposals and Weddings. I think Valentine's Day makes a day to propose or marry too easy. "Oh, look, I don't know when we should have our wedding...Oh, what about Valentine's Day! So romantic!" Gag. No, it is not. Usually. Unless the day was completely random, or had a special meaning to you, why one earth would you do that? Why would you want to propose to your love, or marry on such a cliche day? It makes no sense, whatsoever.

Now, I could ramble on and on about how I hate Valentine's Day and every aspect of it, but I think it's time to stop the rant fest. What will you be doing on Valentine' Day? Having a party? Kissing a loved one? Giving out numerous valentines? What I will be doing on Valentine's Day, you ask? I have a pretty good idea: Absolutely Nothing Special.

~Banana Win

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