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Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Weird Facts

So today I feel like writing something weird so I decided to search for 10 Weird Facts. Here is what I found:

1. Most lipsticks contain fish scales. (ew, thank goodness I don't wear lipstick!)

2. Clinophobia is the fear of beds. (I feel sorry for those who have this, I want to sleep in my soft, warm      bed!)

3. Porcupines float in water.

4. The only fifteen letter word that can be spelt without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"

5. What is called a "French kiss" in the English-speaking world is called an "English kiss" in the French speaking world. (who would've ever thought? I wonder if this is true...)

6. Earth is the only planet not named after a god. (I wonder why...)

7. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. (Does that mean if the same pressure is applied to a thigh and to concrete, the concrete will break first?Oh wonderings.)

8. It's against the law to have a pet dog in Iceland. (I feel sorry for the dog lovers who live in Iceland.)

9. The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is 9,000 years old. (Now is this really true? Was chewing gum used for something else, and called something else 9,000 years ago?)

10.  An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (Oh they must not be too bright...)

Yup, so that's the ten weird facts that I found. Tell me if some of them are wrong and what you think!

~Banana Win

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