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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I decided to think of all the stereotypes that I have ever heard of. Please don't be offended--I don't believe any of these stereotypes, I just wanted to see what our society deemed "oh-so-common" that it was made a stereotype.

- I'm BLONDE so I must be STUPID
- I'm LESBIAN so I must HATE MEN
- I'm JEWISH so I must have a BIG NOSE
- I'm EMO so I must CUT MY WRISTS
- I'm an INDIAN so I must own a CONVENIENCE STORE (haha...I don't own one.)
- I'm YOUNG so I must  be NAIVE
- I wear BLACK so I must be GOTH
- I'm RICH so I must be ARROGANT
- I get STRAIGHT A'S so i must have NO LIFE
- I'm PERUVIAN so I must like LLAMAS
- I'm IRISH so I must have a DRINKING PROBLEM
- I'm SKINNY so I must be ANOREXIC
- I'm FAT so I must not CARE about HEALTH
- I'm SMALL so I must be WEAK
- I'm CHINESE so I must be ATHEIST
- I'm CHINESE/RUSSIAN so I must be COMMUNIST (I particularly dislike this one. Some people I dislike use this one. UNTRUE!)

Those are just some that I found and thought of! The "I'm" and the "must" are just there for effect, by the way. Again, please don't get offended!

~Banana Win

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