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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Not So Famous Songs

Sometimes, I just can't agree with the Billboard charts. Some of the songs that are at the top seem so generic. So, I decided to post my top five songs, that aren't so famous. I consider "famous" to mean they've cracked the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. These songs are a mix of genres, ranging from pop to rap, to a more indie style. But I think all of them deserve their placement. (Placement is in order).

#5. Chasing the Sun by The Wanted
I usually abhor the songs that boy-bands make, because to be honest, most boy-bands only specialize in pop. But, I feel like this song is not just pop, but dance as well. Remember that awkward prom, you went to as teenagers, where you needed a song to get the bravery to dance? This is that song. Of course, it helps that this song is featured in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, and "Glad You Came" is still stuck in the minds of many. Either way, though it may not be a tear-evoking, deep, meaningful crescendo of music, I'll give it props for getting me to sing along.
#4. Settle Down by No Doubt
No Doubt just has a style that no other band will ever be able to pull off. The whole song is just laid back and smooth, similar to reggae, but different at the same time. And it still has that catchy tune stuck in the middle of it. Like a true band, there aren't only vocals, but you can hear all the instruments. The beat just makes you want to bop along, even if you do look like a lunatic when you do. And of course, the vocals just sound too cool, courtesy of Gwen Stefani. Definitely a top pick. 

#3. One More Night by Maroon 5
A lot of fans don't like the new direction in music that Maroon 5 is going in, but I understand: ten years of the same thing can get tiring. "One More Night" just reminds me of the kind of light reggae and spot on vocals that you just have to sing along too. What first caught my attention was the unique "ooh"-ing that Adam Levine pulls off in the beginning (and through out the song). Though it may sound weird at first, it grows on you--and not in a bad way. It's different from most pop songs because of this. 

#2. Both of Us By B.o.B. featuring Taylor Swift
This song did make a decent hit on the Billboard Hot 100--but I have never heard it, not once on the radio. Unfortunately, no one I know has either. But this song is probably one of those rare gems you find in pop music--where you can find a deeper meaning to a song. And it actually is obvious. B.o.B. uses his usual rap magic here. This time, you can hear the personal lyrics. It delves a bit into society too, which is always a plus to me. Taylor Swift's portion just makes for the icing on the cake. But in total, this is the song you listen to when you need that hope.

#1. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
This song is just absolutely beautiful. I don't understand how Ed Sheeran was able to write something that just makes utter sense, while managing to sound poetic. And the guitar alone is a song in itself. But on the Billboard Hot 100, the song has been hanging out in the "top" nineties. Either way, this song is one of the few that proves to us that music other than pop music is still alive, running, and going strong. It takes real talent to get a song like this, one that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired.

Well there you have it! My Top Five! (Click on links to see videos in new tab; the links are the names of the songs). A bit diverse, considering I had some slow songs, some pop songs, some rap songs, and some dance songs, mixed with pop/reggae. But I tried not to be biased, and picked songs that I thought didn't have so much recognition (because that just takes the fun out of it all). Regardless, those songs were some of the coolest.

Hate it, love it, or care less!

~Banana Win

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