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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Collection of Pet Peeves and Real Time Happenings

There are just certain things about people that can make me want to wring their necks.
Well, not literally.

You see, you know those small things that just get on your nerves? Pet peeves? I have a few.

Okay, maybe not a few.

But I'll just name a few.

#1. Say it, Don't Spray it!

I absolutely hate it when people blab on and on (oftentimes about something I could care less about) and to top it off, what do they do? They spray their spittle all over my face. That isn't enjoyable. You know what makes it worse? When they don't even realize they're like a sprinkler over there with their mouth.
#2. I'd rather not smell you.
I think everyone has encountered someone, at least once in their life, who needs deodorant--and doesn't use it. I have met some of these people. One of them went as far as to say that she doesn't need deodorant, because her "sweat smells nice." In what demented world does sweat have a sweet aroma? No, to me, sweat is sweat, and it is stinky. And say that someone did have odorless sweat? I would love to meet that person. It's a rule teenagers learn from the time they hit puberty: if you want to keep everyone happy, put the deo on.
#3. Drinking from other people's cups.
Okay, now this one might sound a little prissy. It's not like I haven't drank from other people's cups or bottles before. But those were desperate times. And desperate times call for desperate measures. But sometimes there are those people who just slobber all over the top of a bottle, so much that you can see their spit. And then all I can imagine is "oh my good lord, I am just ingesting more and more saliva." Ew. It goes the same with cups. I am a clean freak, and I repeatedly drown cups in water till they smell clean. Let's just pin it on a minor, minor case of OCD.
#4. Having the toilet seat up/down.
So this pet peeve goes two ways. When a guy just leaves the seat up, I get irritated. Is it so much to ask to put the seat back into its proper position? Same with those seat slammers. When you're in a rush, and you need to go, it can get annoying to do all that shifting. Lesson learned.
 #5. People who chew with their mouth open.
This one I am pretty lenient on. I mean, certain things just don't fit right in your mouth. But when it gets to a point where it's beyond disgusting, I put my fork down. (Never use that pun. It's terrible). We're all glad that you're enjoying your food, but we don't need to see tht process.
#6. The Fake Friends
Don't know who I'm talking about? I'm talking about those people who are always "nice" to you. "Nice" in quotations because they act nice, and then say things that have double-bladed meanings. Example: "Aw, you got an A minus on the math test? That's too bad." And that's after that "A minus" was your best grade in the class. Cue the death glares. Or maybe "That dress is really pretty, but did it shrink in the dryer? That's why you have to air-dry those kinds." Now that's a double whammy. Insulting someone's weight and laundry skills! But I think you get my point. I've come across my share of fake friends. Unfortunately, if you're mean to them, you get the same treatment, so I'd best say to keep calm and go with it.

The rain just had to interrupt my lovely reminiscing. I would say it were raining cats and dogs, but that would be a lie. All I see are leaves falling everywhere, wind whipping everything, and random attacks at my window, courtesy of the wonderful rain. Not. My window is a blurred mess right now. Anyway, enough rambling about the annoying sprays of water (maybe that could be another pet peeve of mine? random water attacks?) Let's go!

Alright, I have one last pet peeve for all you random readers who can probably care less about what some even more random person has to say.

#7. When someone thinks it's just fine to take your things.
Okay, you may be a little confused here. But I've had family and friends who think that because they are just so close to me (and that doesn't necessarily mean personally--I don't think the term blood is thicker than water applies to me), they can randomly come in and use something of mine. Usually it is something electronic, say a tablet or something. And no, I'm not some uptight rich, snooty patootie person. It was a gift. Moving on. I just hate it when people waltz into my room, take said item, and proceed to use it. Or ask oh so innocently if they can use something of mine. It would just cause some stupid argument if I said no. I guess what my point is, is that I don't like when people touch/ use things of mine, and think it's perfectly fine. Because it's not.
Well there you have it, a few of pet peeves that makes this girl tic. Okay, that was probably my worst pun yet. Oh well. If you didn't notice, I posted a short "article" of sorts about paradoxes, so if you're interested, scroll below. I wouldn't mind a comment or two about what you think of my blog, but it doesn't matter to me either way.

Have fun, drink lots of water, and eat junk!

~Banana Win

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