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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dream of My Subconscious

Have you ever just had one of those dreams that you remember so vividly in your head, but you just can't--for the life of you--understand what it means?

A few weeks ago I had probably the oddest dream I've ever had. In it, I was a maid (go figure; stupid subconscious), and I was in a huge, huge palace. The palace was pretty odd, and the kinds of workers in the palace were pretty odd, too. One portion of the palace had long wide tubes, similar to a gate at an airport, except instead of leading to an airplane, it lead to this large dock in which items were shipped (like export/import). It wasn't clear if all the tubes led there or not, however, because some tubes were more winding and curving.

Then to top it off, all the maids had these different codes that they had to follow. Surprisingly, in the dream, the codes pretty much stayed the same, with some occasionally being added. The codes were difficult to understand. I remember the most common one made no sense in real life (though I forget what words they were now).

Anyway, aside from the whole infrastructure of the palace, I was a newbie maid. So, a palace aide had me and a group of newbie maids led to a large, dormitory-like room. There were beds against one side of the wall, but on the other side of the wall, there were these portal-like holes. Each hole looked onto a different place.

So, the palace aide then explained to us that we would have to choose which portal hole we wanted to go into, and that would be the place where we would work. For a dream, this was pretty complex stuff for me. Each of the other girls go into these different portals (some lead to kitchens, etc.). When it came to my turn though, the palace aide just shoved me into a portal that basically lead into a field of tall prairie grass. After this, things got a bit blurry, but when my dream self (is that what it's called?) came out of her (I'm still lost on what exactly a dream self is...) daze, my dream self was elsewhere. I was instead in the castle, in a room with the "prince" of the place I was in.

The prince seemed pretty snotty, and he had the face of someone I pretty much dislike in real life. He used his codes to basically order me around some more. But while he had sent me out on some order, I was intercepted by some other high end, upper person. This person turned out to be the King. He sent even more orders, with even more codes. I returned to the King first, following his orders and codes. By the time I returned to the prince, with his orders, he was sitting there bored.

Oh, and it turns out that I forgot something. Just as he was yelling at me for forgetting something, the King walks in and scolds me. (Yay, more scolding! Sarcasm.) Anyway, I was already confused to begin with, so when the King started yelling, I was even more confused.

And here's the moment where I got more lost than ever. The "prince," funny, I never got his name, ended up offering to tutor me. The King was satisfied with this, and left. And then the prince proceeded to tell me what the orders meant, and actually encouraged me.

Now the way I viewed this dream was kind of weird. I knew what was going on, as I was "the main character" so to speak, but I was also viewing this a bit birds-eye too. So while I was experiencing all these things, I was also not understanding all these things. That makes for a very confusing dream.

Anyway, the next day when I reported for duty, the prince was being nice, and happy and all that junk. And the King wasn't too happy. He had just expected "me" to learn and not for his oh-so-beloved son to be nice to the oh-so-lost maid. Yeah. That resulted in the prince grabbing my arm and running to those aforementioned tubes. It was a full on chase. Why were we running? I'm not exactly sure. Maybe to escape the devil King that was on our tails? Because that makes sense. When we reached the tubes of course, I had no idea what the "prince" wanted me to do.

Turns out, he wanted to slide down the tubes and to wherever the hell either one ended up. And so we jumped in a diagonal tube, shaped much like a large slide, and zipped down. I remember we passed some utterly confused woman carrying some boxes too. And it was on this mini-joyride that I woke up.

I'll admit, that this could make for a pretty interesting story-line, but I just thought I'd share that with you. The most odd things in the dream, was the fact that the prince looked exactly like someone I hate in real life. But then again, the entire dream was odd from start to finish. [I'm still surprised I remember the dream, even though I had it weeks ago.]

I hope I amused you in some way.

But as you can see, subconsciouses can be so odd. Although I have no idea what my subconscious was thinking, it's clear that it was a result of an overactive imagination.

Well, anyway. Enough rambling.

Maybe tonight, you'll have as awkward of dreams as I did.

~Banana Win

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