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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Promises, Promises

There are a lot of things that I don't like about society, but if there's one thing which gets me every time;  it's breaking promises.

"Oh, I PROMISE I'll call tonight!" And then no call is received.

"I promise we'll meet up this week!" And then no meet up is planned.

"I promise to come over Saturday for the project!" And then you're stuck alone finishing the project.

I think that gives you an idea. There are different kinds of promises, but I think overall, unless you were blackmailed, or too young/ inebriated/ high to make sense of a promise, promises should be fulfilled. And yes, I said inebriated instead of "drunk."

You don't just say one thing and do another. It's not right.

Remember those pinky promises that we'd all make when we were six? What happened to the sincerity in that?

You can see unfulfilled promises everywhere. From gimmicks on advertisements, to lies from people. When does it stop?

I particularly hate it when there are two sides to a promise.


Amy and Beth are doing a partner project due in a week. Amy promises to write everything onto the poster and Beth promises to research everything. Wednesday comes around and Amy asks Beth if she finished the research. Beth says she didn't. Come Thursday, Amy asks again, and Beth apologizes and says that she's still not done. Beth then promises to go over to Amy's house to finish the project. Amy waits till eight, calls Beth a couple times, but receives no answer. In the end, Amy is forced to research everything and write everything onto the poster by herself. 

In stories like these, people like Beth get the grade without doing the work. I've been in situations like these, but one time it was taken too far. (This was also the last time I let someone take the advantage.)

I was doing a project with a girl. It was a creative project, in which we had to create a comic strip. We decided that I would draw and she would color and trace. We planned a little bit together, but I thought up most of the comic strip. Then came the day it was due, and my partner hasn't colored anything. I had spent some of my own time coloring, and expected her to at least do so much. But no. In a free period, I saw her and told her to come help me color. She never showed, and I ended up finishing it. And rushing it. In the end, as I ran to my class to hand it in before the day was over, the teacher reminded me to put my name on it.

I did. But I only put my name on it.

When my partner for the project was confronted, I said nothing. And when she asked me about it, I simply said she didn't help me. Which was completely and utterly true. Why should she get any credit if she didn't do any work? She didn't get the grade, either.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...really, really cold.'

But as you can see, I have strong feelings when it comes to promises, or keeping ends of deals.

So the next time you decide to ignore a project, or your partner decides to ignore a project; just remember: you never know how much it'll cost you.

Cue the evil laughter.

~Banana Win

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