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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Tale of the Terrorized Celebrity

There are times when I feel really, really sorry for celebrities.
They have to deal with so much...drama.

Not only are there tabloids, magazines, television, paparazzi--basically all kinds of media--that broadcast their lives...but even just on the internet, there are so many rumors.

Before I went about writing this, I looked around some social networking sites. (After reading all sorts of terrible things, I am so glad I play no part of the websites).

Did you know that some celebrities have to deal with their own fans hating on them? Does that sound farfetched to you? I didn't believe it at first.

Before I delve into that concept, let's take a moment to think about what celebrities are. They usually are talented people who are involved in popular things. Singers and actors/actresses are just a few of the different kinds of stars. Of course, they probably deal with the most crazy fans and haters as well. But if we really just look at what celebrities are--they're humans. They used to be normal people. They used to be treated like normal people. And lastly, if you honestly think about it, they are strangers. You probably don't know them. I certainly don't know them. And most people don't know them.

So here's where the sad part comes in.

I stumbled across a twitter profile of a singer. And happened to find some twitter drama. I'll put the situation into basic terms. The celebrity (yes he was famous) talks about meeting up with some friends. Said friends happen to be girls. What happens next? Fans reply. Most of the tweets were a range of things along the lines of 'That's not really smart of you' and similar things. Those were related to such things like rumors.  And then, there were some really horrid things, blatantly insulting the friends of the singer.

And that's where the drama begins. I'm sure if anyone insults your friends, you would step up to defend them, correct? Well, it seems that when celebrities do that...a lot of things happen.

First of all, the person to whom the celebrity replies to gets a lot of trouble.

See, when one famous person comments on something...all the famous person's followers do what they always do--they follow. So the one person who said something insulting suddenly gets a lot of hate.

Now. The person who commented shouldn't have said what they had said. The singer had all rights to defend what he had said. All the haters that attacked the commenter? They had absolutely no reason to do so.

I think this is a concept we all learned in kindergarten. If someone hits you, don't hit back. But in the case of big-names, a famous person doesn't even have to hit back. All of the supporters will do that for them. And I think that's really wrong.

You want to know why? Hating someone, and blatantly telling them so, is bullying. I think it's fair to say that it is never right to bully someone, even if they said something mean. No one deserves that. It's no celebrities fault, I doubt that many really realize the impact of small things. It's those people who inflate a small thing to a huge size, and terrorize other strangers. They are the ones who are in the wrong.

But do you see what these celebrities have to deal with?

I think people think fame is all good, but they never realize the downside to it. I never thought fans would actually get mad at a celebrity (someone they don't know personally) if they were rumored to be dating. And unfortunately, it is the male celebrities who get the brunt of that mess. Because let's face it, fan girls will be fan girls. And sometimes, fan girls just really take it too far.

I guess I will never understand the whole concept of "heart"-ing someone or "loving" someone just because they're famous. I just can't comprehend the idea. I also find it kind of shocking how people can obsess over famous people. It must be one of those elusive and unspoken things that no one can quite put their finger on. But it gives me reason to be slightly scared of fan girls (and I have friends who are fan girls).

So there you have it. The tale of the terrorized celebrity.

~Banana Win

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