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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get the Gavel, MY Jury's out.

[NOTE: I mean no offense to anyone in this post, and I apologize if you are offended.]

So today's post is about something that has always bothered me. Particularly, it bothered me when I first met this group of boys, two years ago.

You could have written "JUDGE" all over their foreheads. Nearly all of them judged me by superficial things, like my outward appearance. They, of course, never had a proper conversation with me, they simply decided that, because I looked "weird" on the outside, that I was "unfit to be in their presence." What does that mean? That means they basically teased and argued with me all year long.

And that, my friends, is when I first realized that I hated judgmental people. You know, the types of people that look at a person first off and decide what they think of them.

It's really sad actually. I stumbled across a quote the other day. It really showed just how hurtful judging someone could be.

It reads:

"See that girl right there?
The one you just called fat?
She's been starving herself, and she's lost over 30 pounds.
The one you just called stupid?
She has a learning disability, she studies 6 hours per night.
The one you just called ugly?
She spends over 3 hours putting makeup on.
The one you just called baby?
You would be crying too if your mother was dead.
The one you just tripped?
I think she's abused enough at home.
There's a lot more to a person than you think.

"They look kind of drunk."
"They sound like a bunch of idiots."
Now, I know my friend didn't mean anything by it. Or, at least I hope not. (Her words were the inspiration for this post, after all.) But I couldn't help but think of all the times I've been judged because I've acted crazily. And sure, I have never met the band, but it wasn't just the fact that she was insulting them that got me aggravated (I do like them, but it was her opinion). It was the fact that she so easily judged someone (she could dislike them all she wanted). But she blatantly judged them. By one video.

Just like times and times ago, a certain group of boys judged me by first look.

So the next time you see someone, don't jump to conclusions. Don't judge.

Because trust me, when you're judged, it hurts.


~Banana Win

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