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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Don't Even Know

I feel like a Who. One that escaped from Whoville.


So there's two doors. One's red, one's green. I have to choose one. 
What would happen if I were color blind?


I'm walking down a long hallway. I keep walking and walking. Then I pass a sign that says: Welcome to Infinity ∞.
Am I lost in infinity?


I find a key and a note. The note says: the key opens no door.
Is there a reason there is a key, then?


I guess that's one way to explain..my feelings, I suppose. Everything just seems confusing, even though it makes sense at the same time.

I'm that girl walking down the infinite hallway.

Except that life doesn't last an infinity. So is there truly an infinity?

Maybe I should stop playing with my words and just say what I mean. Life sucks. 
And it's probably the reason why I'm so lost.

Doesn't it just seem confusing how you can go from having a list of friends to call, meet up, and talk to at the tip of your fingers, and then the moment you move--
Bam. It's all gone.

It's like your life isn't even your life anymore.

It's like you're someone totally new. Someone whom you don't even know anymore.

And that bothers me.


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