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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Ego: Give it a Poke, Kick it a Smudge, and Shove it Down Their Throat

Why would you need to insult egos?
Well to bring a conceited person down a notch of course!

Today, I will be talking about something not so serious: how to properly displace someone from off their throne. Translation: how to kick someone of their high chair.
There are many ways to go about doing this...some ways more painful than others. But I will just list a few.

1. Insult their intelligence. It gets people every time. Throw in a witty and well-placed comment and you will get many affronted looks. Even the old, "Wow, you didn't know that?!" can at least startle a person. Or, you can get down the nitty-gritty. "I won't bother talking to you, because I know that lower life forms--a.k.a., you--will not understand me." Either way, it is quite surprising how we, as humans, take our own intelligence in pride.

2. Insult their looks. This one works great with the superficial goons out there. Great points to touch on is hair, muscles, and the face in general. "Did your hair get attacked by a wild animal or is that a new style?" That will give their ego a beating, boy or girl.

3. Insult their physical strength. Whether it be calling them a weakling, "Eh, I know you're too weak to handle this," or degrading their ability in sports, this is one of the sure fire ways to bring an ego down. Guys, mainly, do not like to be told that they look weak, or play sports terribly.

Of course, some egos are too big to be caught by these tricks and tips. The key with those people, you ask? Any time you talk with them, ignore them. I'm sure they will loathe that--I mean, one less person to brag to! Or, kill them with kindness, and leave their stunned faces with a smirk of "so ha!"

Either way there's not too much to it.
The way to downgrade an ego? Give it a poke, kick it a smudge, and shove it down their throat.

Ah, simplicity.

~Banana Win

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