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Sunday, March 11, 2012

We're Luckier Than We Think

I recently read "Night" by Elie Wiesel.
It was one of the saddest pieces of literature I have ever read.
Each word held so much emotion.
And the actual story; my lord it was unbelievable. But the sad thing is, is that the whole story is true.
It's a true holocaust memoir.
It made me think about life. How bad do I actually have it? Yes, I'm annoyed that I have to uproot my life for the umpteenth time, but that's nothing compared to the horrors of the holocaust.
I thought my life was messed up. My life is nothing compared to the horrors that Wiesel writes of.
At least I have a home.
My freedom.
The ability to walk.
But I can't help but get so mad and infuriated; so annoyed; so much so that I block my friends out. I let bitterness overcome me. But am I just being selfish?
Maybe it's just human nature.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I can be in a worse situation.
But I truthfully think that we can't say one person's life is harder than another's; especially if both of them have gone through hardships.
Sometimes I think my friends are so naïve. Naïve about moving. About parent-relationships. So what if I hate my dad? I have reason to. People don't always get forgiveness. Even if he never did anything to hurt me physically, does that mean I still can't feel emotional pain? They are a bit too naïve sometimes. But I guess I've experienced more than they have. They have their lives to live, and I have mine.
That's the other thing. We're born all alone, into this world. We die by ourselves, we don't take anyone with us. Is it just irony that human nature causes us to want to talk to others? Bond with others? Love others?
I want to hate love. But it's hard.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm lucky. That I could be worse off.

We're luckier than we think.

~Banana Win


  1. That was really beautiful, what you said about being alone. It's true, sometimes your friends can't understand every problem that comes your way. Everyone has different things in their life that make them grow, things that set them apart. Things that maybe, they would like to forget. Those obstacles can't always be fought together- that doesn't mean that your friends are naive, only that their understanding of life fits their problems, their challenges. There are things that you won't understand about them, and things they won't understand about you. But you know the thing that's amazing about friends? We'll try. So you won't be alone. Hopefully, you won't think you are, either.
    -- Thinker

    1. They are really great friends, and I know their lives are different. In fact, I'm kind of glad they don't understand everything about me. I'm glad that all of us our different, but sometimes I can't help but wonder, or go off on a tangent. I guess it's just life.

      I really just rant on this blog, and I'm glad that you found what I wrote meaningful. I never think I'm truly alone, but that's what I'm scared of: being alone. What you wrote is equally beautiful, by the way, it really touched me. Thank you so much for commenting!


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