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Thursday, January 10, 2013



Is it just me, or is every song on the radio filled with those oh-so-tempting words: na, na, and na?

To be honest, I'm just getting sick of it. It was okay when My Chemical Romance made one song titled "Na Na Na," a few years ago, but there has recently been a new trigger that has unleashed the wild beast called the Na-Na into the world. It was just fine when Pink came out her Na-Na filled song "So What." It became ironic that blink-182 had Na-Na's in their song "All The Small Things," which just so happened to mock boy-bands...which I will be talking about later.

Hell, it may have even been passable when Selena Gomez came out with her tongue twisting na-nas.

I'm sure you can guess who is a big offender of the Na-Na-Na-Na-blegh's. It's a boy-band (why am I not surprised?), and they have a few songs out there...specifically one song addressed to some insecure girl (because, you know, all girls have to be insecure, because--they're girls), telling her how beautiful she is.

Oh, and didn't I tell you I would get to the boy-band? Fun fact: "All The Small Things" was filmed on the same beach as the aforementioned boy-band song. Considering that the blink-182 song is a 'parody' of boy bands...well...you can figure that out yourself.

But either way, that was the start of the New Age Na-Na Virus. (For the record, there are no cures to viruses...)

And that's when I thought that the Na-Na's had gone away. Perhaps the age of the Na-Na had passed, and we were safe (maybe onto the Age of the Oh-Oh-Ohs?)

I listened to a new song, by a duo called "MKTO," fell in love with their song "Thank You," and then had a facepalm moment when the Na-Na's came on. But because I like their song so much, I can deal with it.

Not to mention...the other day...while searching for "Na Na Na" by MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, I found a same-name song...by the same boy band I've spoken of already. Though it was not as bad as when Bieber came out with "Never Say Never" -- which was a song by The Fray first, it still had me cursing the Na-Na gods. But you know what? Said boy band is a repeat offender, so I'm just going to stop talking about them.

But can you see my point, at least? When did it become "cool" to replace words with wannabe words? It's cool the first time, maybe. It's still fine the second time. The third time comes around, and it's beginning to wear off. The fourth time, no one gives a crap anymore. By the fifth time, people like me are asking the universe "WHY?" and all the other (normal?) people are off bopping their heads to the Na-Na.

I'm telling you: it's a virus! And it's infected many.

And unless your singing an epic song about Sodium (Na)--

--yay for chemistry jokes?--then the word "Na" has no meaning. No meaning at all.

So what's the point of this rant?

Who says there has to be a point? (Ironically, my next post will most probably have something to do with this very question).

Maybe I'm just annoyed that all these songs have the same "lyrics" (if they can even be called that), and I'm just waiting for artists to finally get sick of the two letter phrase. As long as we don't head back to the "Whoa-whoa-whoas," we should be fine.

And I'm pretty sure I've heard a song that literally goes: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, OH!

(I'm actually not kidding about the last one...just think back to the latest Ice Age movie...was it the 4th one?)

I'm not saying that we should go over the top, drop all filler words like "oh" and "na," but...can we at least find a new filler word?


. . .

Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, DOT!


~Banana Win

P.S. Like my epic avoidance of all boy band names? 

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