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Thursday, October 4, 2012

To Be Polite?

I'm pretty sure everyone has had the issue that I'm having (and if they haven't yet, they one day will).

Remember those good all days when we were too young and innocent to fathom that what came out of our mouths could have negative effects on the people around us? And the times when we could tell the truth straight out, and not get reprimanded (at least too harshly)?

What happened to the age-old rule: "Honesty is the best policy"?

Because honestly, honesty can get you into the worst places sometimes. You know that hard spot between a rock and a wall? Yeah, bad, uncomfortable, awkward places.

Probably the worst set up are the questions that start with...

"So how do you like [insert noun/phrase/anything here]?"

This can go two ways. You can either say something along the lines of,
"I love it!"
"It's awesome."
"It's pretty good."
"It's fine."
Etc., etc., etc.

But what happens when one of those controversial questions come up?

"So how do you like One Direction?"
If this question is coming from a super-mega-teenage-girl-crazy-fan, and you don't like One Direction, then you, my friend, are screwed. The same applies for Beiber.

"So how do you like the food?"
It's atrocious. Terrible. I'm throwing up in my mouth. "It's delicious!"

See? Where do those answers come from? If the food wasn't good, why would we LIE and say it was?
Because we do not want to cause a shitstorm. [But if in response to your answer, more atrocious green goopy food is piled onto your plate, then you're still screwed.]

And that's where my problem comes in.

I do not follow the polite rules of society. I will cause that shitstorm, and then run like hell the minute the bomb goes off.

Well, after a few defensive spars.

But the way I look at it is, why should I lie? Lying will just give someone a false idea and cause unnecessary things to happen or occur.

Because even the white lie can bite you in the butt later, and hard.

Now, there is a difference between being blunt past polite standards, and being mean.

Think of beauty. Beauty all depends on who's looking ("Beauty is in the eye of the beholder").

So don't go calling people ugly.

But for grapes' sakes, why would you lie about liking someone's pie, or poem, or pony if you didn't like it?

Chances of me becoming mega-polite? Low--wait, scratch that. There is no chance.

The only time I bring out the politeness is when I'm around someone I either don't care about, someone who needs support, someone I need to impress, or someone important. And that's just because I don't particularly want to be looked at on a personal level with that person.

And that's that.

"I'm sorry...it tastes terrible."

~Banana Win

P.S. That's Julian Smith, by the way. And yes, I created the meme (after finding the picture). :D

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